25 Years

An enthusiastic art collector for over 25 years.

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We work with a global network of galleries and artists.

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We promise to make your heart go pitter patter!

Award Winning

Two time winner of the Best of Boston.

Sample Projects

When I walk into a new space, I approach it like a puzzle. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, art in a given space should relate—tell a story—speak to each other, whether by content, color, diversity, or context. It should heighten a viewer's awareness of the space while adding a layer to the design and layout of the environment.

Barbara has an incredible eye and selected art for our hotel that is distinctive and impactful. Guests frequently comment on the pieces.  Nantucket Hotel
Barbara understands our needs and aesthetics, but she also helps us stretch and explore new things. As a result, our art collection provides us endless joy and inspiration. And we have so much fun working with her. It is always an adventure. Private Residential Client

Barbara is formidably talented. She has great creativity, energy, imagination and a sixth sense about how to enliven spaces. She has incredible access to resources, both for blue chip artists, as well as talented emerging artists. The work she presents brings uniqueness, sparkle and, where appropriate, humor to our buildings. She's a lot of fun to work with.

Real Estate Development & Investment Company
We challenged Barbara's expertise and creativity to advise us on art for our home that has expansive walls and high ceilings. She has been doing an amazing job for us and understanding our diverse art needs. Private Residential Client
Barbara knows art, and understands people and spaces. She will find art that speaks to you, and enhances your home. Working with Barbara is a joy! Private Residential Client

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